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  1. To develop, manufacture, and market beauty care and spa products with natural & eastern nuances and international quality standards to meet the consumer need in various market segment with a healthy portfolio capable to achieve a top three rank in every segment in Indonesia.

  2. To providing excellent customer service to all customers in balanced proportion, including consumer and trade customers;

  3. To maintain healthy financial condition and sustainable growth;

  4. To recruite, train, and maintain competent and productive manpower as part of the Company's assets;

  5. To maintain efficient and effective methods of operation, system, and technology throughout the organization and business unit;

  6. To applying Good Corporate Governance consistently for the interest of all stakeholders;

  7. To give fair return on investment to he stockholders;

  8. To expand the international market on cosmetics and herbal products with medium term focus on the Asia Pacific Region and longterm focus on the global market with selected products and brands.