Untitled Document Core Value


Martha Tilaar Group has a company wisdom called DJITU, an acronym of Discipline, Jujur (Honesty), Innovative, Tekun (Diligent) and Ulet (Perseverant). This philosophy is applied to every employee to accomplish the company’s vision and mission.


Each employee is to show commitment in being punctual in order to maximize company efficiency.

Jujur (honesty)

From each employee’s honesty, a company can grow into a healthy one and is able to keep expanding.


Innovative way of thinking and provocative attitude is a valuable asset for the company. New breakthrough will be created from this innovative way of thinking.

Tekun (diligent)

Being diligent and focus on doing and developing issues related to responsibility will facilitate the company to reach the target accordingly. Diligence is also increasing employee’s quality.

Ulet (preserverant)

Willing to work hard, committed and never give up in completing each task given show that someone has a responsibility towards his work. This is important to the company’s sustainability and progress.