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06 April 2018
Martha Tilaar Group Handed Over Donation to Tambora Fire Victim
On last Sunday (1/04), there were 34 family in Jembatan Besi, Tambora, West Jakarta, had become fire victim. Not only burnt down dozens of houses in that densely populated area, this accident al ...

06 April 2018
Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients 2018, Seminar and Exhibition Event
Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients (ICI) 2018 has held for three days on April 3-5th, 2018. There were 75 participants at this event, from SME cosmetic producent, local administrator of Perkosmi, in ...

29 March 2018
A Week to JFFF 2018
The 15th Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival will about to started. To welcome this fashion and food festival, JFFF conductor held a Preview of JFFF 2018 at Indonesia National Museum, Central Jakart ...

29 March 2018
Beautifying Indonesia, Martha Tilaar’s Movement to Support Indonesia Beauty
Since 2010, Martha Tilaar Group has a sustain movement called Beautifying Indonesia. The idea of this movement came from four pillars of the company, Beauty Green, Beauty Education, Beauty Cultu ...

23 March 2018
To Tighten Up Relationship with Business Partner, Martha Tilaar Held Cultural Tour
For national scale company like Martha Tilaar Group, it’s imposible to run alone. Instead, there are many parts that took part on its way to success, one of those is business partner. Since th ...

22 March 2018
Bryan Tilaar Talk about Business Management
Become one of speakers in Share Your Value, Live Your Legacy event that presented by Standard Chartered Priority on previos Tuesday (20/3), Bryan Tilaar, Head Director of PT Martina Berto Tbk, s ...

28 February 2018
To Optimize Corporate Relationship, Martha Tilaar Group’s Business Unit Built Collaboration
As the company umbrella of many unit businesses, Martha Tilaar Group always feel the needs to push and encourage collaboration and connection between its unit business. The objection is to boost ...

26 February 2018
Srikandi Award 2018 to Honor Achievers Indonesian Women
For her contribution and dedication in beauty, culture and environment preservation, Founder of Martha Tilaar Group, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar is often receive an appreciation. Although this award ...

21 February 2018
Martha Tilaar Group Contribution in Indonesia Cosmetic Industry Growth
Indonesia market is a fertile ground  for cosmetic industry. Every year, local and international makeup brand  emerged and compete to get customers attention and profit.  As the industry grow ...

19 February 2018
Gala Dinner Finalis Miss Indonesia 2018 with Miss World 2017
Closer to final day of Miss Indonesia 2018 that will be held on February 22, Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillard has arrived in Indonesia on Monday (18/2). She didn’t come to Jakarta alone, but w ...

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Local Wisdom Go Global

To be one of the world’s leading companies in cosmetics and spa industry with natural nuances and eastern values through product innovation and modern technology to optimize added value to stakeholders

Short Term Objective
To be Top 3 in Indonesian cosmetics and spa industry

Medium Term Objective
To be one of Asia Pacific players in cosmetics and spa industry

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