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20 January 2020
Lined-Up with Other Inspiring Figures, Wulan Tilaar Attended Indonesia Millenial Summit 2020
The Indonesia Millenial Summit was successfully held by IDN Times on January 17-18, 2020. Located at The Tribrata, South ...

13 January 2020
Beautifying Indonesia, Martha Tilaar’s Trail to Beautify Indonesia
Since 1970, Martha Tilaar Group always maintains its consistency to give contribution to beautify Indonesia. According to ...

09 January 2020
Minister of Research and Technology (National Research and Innovation Agency) to Visit Kampoeng Djamoe Organik Martha Tilaar
The Minister of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency, Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Ph.D visited Kampoeng Djamoe Organik (KaDO) of ...

02 January 2020
Santri Talent Camp 2019: Small Acts to Achieve Big Dream
Last November, Martha Tilaar Group supported Santri Talent Camp 2019 event that held by NU boarding school (27-29/11). The ...

18 November 2019
Martha Tilaar Group to Support the Second Aku Anak Rusun Operetta Performance
Last weekend (16/11) Dr. Martha Tilaar and her daughter Wulan Tilaar attended Aku Anak Rusun Opperetta that presented by Ibu Rusun of Marunda. Ibu Rusun is ...

04 November 2019
Kilala Tilaar to Share PT Martina Berto Tbk’s Journey Through Innovation at #TAYTB Fest
“Martha Tilaar Group built from a dream. Dr. Martha’s dream. She always has a dream to beautify Indonesia,” said the Corporate Creative & Innovative D ...

31 October 2019

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, Martha Tilaar Group's family mourn for Prof. H.A.R Tilaar lost, a beloved husband of Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar, the Founder of Ma ...

22 October 2019
Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa to Receive Best Spa of the Year 2019
Last Friday (18/10), Indonesia Beauty Icon Awards 2019 was held as part of Cosmobeaute Indonesia. Indonesia Beauty Icon Award is the fifth awarding event pr ...

14 October 2019

October becomes one special month for Martha Tilaar Group, because this is the first time we involved in collaboration with Gandrung Sewu. Gandrung Sewu is ...

01 October 2019
To See Blooming Coelogyne marthae in Bogor
Indonesia is a tropical country that has so many flora. One of its endemic plants is orchid. As reports by, Indonesia is home for 5.000 orchid species from 43.000 species all over ...

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Local Wisdom Go Global

To be one of the world’s leading companies in cosmetics and spa industry with natural nuances and eastern values through product innovation and modern technology to optimize added value to stakeholders

Short Term Objective
To be Top 3 in Indonesian cosmetics and spa industry

Medium Term Objective
To be one of Asia Pacific players in cosmetics and spa industry

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